DIY: Your Junk on Display

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First there were THE WALLPAPERS and then the bed and the lamp and everything was moving in the room, so there was left a small space beside the window to create a living room…or the quarter of the normal living room. I wanted no ordinary storage space in the rectangular shape with drawers and single top surface to drop your keys and cups of coffee onto. I wanted something out of the usual and I wanted to do it myself. So I bought wooden boxes in different sizes (no need to say that the vast study was done previously and I exactly calculated how many boxes of each size is goona make that space the most useful and also pleasant on the eye). I considered nailing them together, but since they don’t carry much weight, I just used the glue. For the base I used the shelf of previous closet standing there and I also wanted to lift the cabinet from the floor to make cleaning easier.

I love it! It is just enough big not to crowded the given space and it because of the jigsaw effect it has many surfaces to put the nice things on display or to dispose the stuff from your pockets and books and everything else. Since I don’t have only pretty things to put it on the shelf, I put inside some white boxes to hide the stuff like lightbulbs and medicine box and manicure set. This kind of cabinet is so easy to make, it is not expensive and it is something out of the box.. Hope it inspires you to make one for yourself. Happy weekend!

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