It’s a Jungle Out There

This home in Kiev, scattered with eye-catching elements and vibrant key pieces, is not only functional and fun, but also adaptable to many different types of home. The place has feminine feel and it was indeed designed for a young girl in the rhytm of the »big city« by architect Denis Svirid. Though the woman’s touch is not expressed by the overuse of pink colour or red heart pillow, but in more discreet way with splashes of orange and fashion wallpapers. An interesting design feature is definitely bright red flex lamp on the dark grey surface of the living room or that funky red heater bellow the window. I love how different textures of the walls are seen and how the art and lights complements them. This space would be easily transformed into neutral apartment, either for a boy or a girl, because the architect avoided giving girl’s touch on the main walls and main furniture.

97 post_01

97 post_02

97 post_03

97 post_04

97 post_05

Important lesson: express your passion in the details, like pictures, pillows and lamps, so that the place is not set in stone and can be easily given new character.

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