Walk On The Wild Side

Print, one-coloured, mixing, surprise- perfect recipe for creating a new piece of clothing by my choice. You look in the front and you see this wild peacock print in subtle colours with a spice of yellow and orange and blue. You look on the sides where the sleeves are in neutral grey-blue hue, which continues out on the back. But when I turn around, there is in the middle of the spine a vivid blue zipper and you are like: »What in the world was she thinking?!« Well, I was thinking of something special that best fits my character (which is awesome, by the way) and for me that means something out of the box and something unexpected. I think I nailed it- needless to say that I love the dress and I would it very useful to wear it for work and running everyday’s errands.

Truth be told, the dress was finished already in November, but then I had to wait for the warmer weather to kick in so that I could take the pictures of it outside. As usually I made the pattern by myself and because I like to improve my skills with each project, I tried this time to make a high sleeve, which begins in the neck line and I also tried sewing jersey fabric with my ordinary machine. The ring is also my work and it is a part of collection I’m working on for a while but I just don’t have enough time to really make it happen. What do you guys think?

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