Music and Coffee and Rain

You know how I’m always whining about not having enough opportunities to take photos- just freely outside photographing people and breath-taking moments and places? Well, I had had perfect trip coming my way and I’ve offered myself as the one caring the heavy camera and harassing people with clicking in most awkward moments (I deleted those picture, so no fear, folks!). Destination: Riva del Garda, Italy.

Living so near Italian border (and living in Europe, I feel so lucky) we have a saying: »Italy is always good idea.« But truly, that country with hair-full-of-gel-men and sneaker-trend-setting-women never runs out of places, that encourage the flair for exploration inside me. Though, the main purpose of this trip was a international music competition, in which also a group of young people from my hometown was a part of. Being several times in Gardaland (land of fun) and around the famous Garda lake, hasn’t prepared me for the amount of people pouring into this rather small city and taking place in the competition. Even without the special events, Riva is a very tourist oriented city because it offers many amazing views, lake shore, castle, vineyards, big waterfall and caves.

My perfect day in Italy includes obligatory cup of coffee, even though I never get the thing I’ve ordered, because their coffee with milk (my favourite) includes a big pile of foam. After waking up I’m ready to explore city by foot, with my camera always ready to take interesting things and memorize them forever. It often happens to me that I’m left far behind by my group because I’m annoyingly interested in everything! Witty streets, loud Italian people, confused tourist and small shops can really add up to the whole ambient of this cities and I never get tired being part of it.

In conclusion, the music competition was successful from our point of view, though the judges didn’t really agree with us I guess, because their grades would need some improving. The weather also didn’t do us any favour, because just when we were about to scatter through the streets, it begin to pour heavily. The hotel receptor didn’t have a hear for a bunch of young people and we got to suffer through really rude gestures he has paid to us. Nevertheless, we did exploit every chance we had for keeping eachother great company with music, wine and prosciutto and great view on the vast lake (though the word goes, I missed some temperamental situations on night out in the city..too bad).

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