Pink Spaghetti in Architecture

Beuatiful Wednesday day, full of first summer heat and bright rays of Sun.

Mornings before coffee seem so dreamy, don’t know what’s really going on, can’t catch the meaning behind the words. A little bit cranky.

Breakfast in the paper bag…inside delicious chocolate chip roll, not big enough.

Impatiently explaining what I want in the pictures.

Cranky in front of the camera (can you tell?), too many people around me.

Let’s get it over…NOW!

I bought white plain sweater and made spaghetti pattern in the back- inspired by Zara, made by me. Planning to do ton of them, I love it.

Over shoulder pink shopper bag, designed and sewn by my restless fingers. Inside beautiful floral garden- I mean lining of course, for tulips I prefer vase. With water possibly.

Inside the bag…sketchbook, meant for drawing the interesting stuff you come across or to write down the genius thought that just occured to you (right now, am I correct?).

102 post_01

102 post_02

102 post_03

102 post_04

102 post_05

102 post_06

102 post_07

102 post_08

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